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It was real estate investing and a little luck that brought my wife and I together almost seven years ago. I had just moved back to Tucson, Arizona in late 2009 after living in the country for several years and deciding the hermit lifestyle was just not my cup of tea.I've been interested in real estate investing since about 2004 when I built my second house during one of the most explosive real estate markets in decades and within two years sold it for nearly one hundred thousand dollars more than I paid for it. Unfortunately I also built my next house in 2008 in the middle of nowhere just before one of the largest stock market and real estate crashes in history.Since I was unable to sell my house in the country and I didn't feel like becoming a monk I rented it out and moved back to Tucson to start real estate investing. Little did I know at the time it was going to lead to meeting my wife and building our multi-million dollar real estate portfolio together.I started out going to a real estate investor meeting for a game called CashFlow every Friday night. I wanted to meet new people and start learning everything I could about real estate investing. The organizer of the cash flow meeting was out of the country and he had put a friend in charge of the meeting. I quickly realized that most of the people attending the meeting were either completely new to real estate investing or knew about as much as I did from reading books and taking GURU courses. We enjoyed sharing what we knew and I started to make friends at the meeting.I also started to notice that people would frequently talk big and sound impressive. However if you started asking detailed questions you would discover a lot of the time it was mostly wishful thinking. I never really had a problem with this kind of posturing as long as they weren't blatantly lying to my face or trying to mislead and take advantage of me.  I understand sometimes you have to talk the talk in order to walk the walk. In fact sometimes if you want people to take you seriously you need to sound knowledgeable and confident. Just make sure you actually know what your talking about when your trying to sound knowledgeable.After a few weeks of attending the cash flow meeting the organizer returned from Europe. He was full of interesting and mesmerizing stories about living in school buses, driving taxis cabs, and being a real estate agent before becoming a successful real estate investor. The organizer was a funny and charming guy who looked like he had just pulled his clothes from the bottom of a clothes hamper. He would tell stories about having hundreds of students and doing hundreds of real estate deals before he lost millions in the recent real estate meltdown. Everyone always listened to him tell the same stories over and over each meeting hoping to learn the next secret to investing in real estate.He would invite new attendees to play the Cashflow game which is actually a very effective teaching tool. It helps you understand some of the fundamental theory behind creating passive income to escape the "rat race" and how to create a personal financial statement. After you played the game a few times he would show everyone how to search the MLS for property that fit his criteria and submit hundreds of low ball offers with a ten dollar earnest money check. Shortly after we met I discovered by some strange twist of fate we actually lived next to each other in these tiny casitas which were rented month to month.To Be Continued


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Hi we just went to see the new lot and we are so pleased. I can't believe what a good deal it was. We are considering getting another one soon!

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